Monday, February 1, 2010

New Kähili for King Lunalilo

Here are the new kahili made by master featherwork maker, Paulette Kahalepuna, and her crew comprised of Hawaiian civic club members, halau, and church members. They are fantastic. Here they were blessed at Kawaiahaʻo Church as the kingʻs tomb is just outside. The names are very meaningful. The cylindrical ones are named Kalähikiola and Kaläkauloa and will be placed in the east and west respectively in the mausoleum. The domed shaped one, my favorite, is called Kawëkiuokawaolani. Three other hand held kahili are names: ʻOlohe, Kaukoʻo, and Poʻohina. They will also be placed in the tomb. Kahili are feather standards, symbols of rank and royalty. In the Hawaiian belief they are personififed and embued with ancestral mana.

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